Our Dad Shoes

Hello folx, Welcome to the Our Dad Shoes Project. In November 2015 my father died of complications due to Multiple Myeloma. Throughout my process of grief and growth, I have had many moments that made me wonder what he would think about the father I have become. On any given day Pete pops up in […]

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i was in the middle of cooking us dinner when she came into the kitchen with water in her eyes. first a trickle, then burbling stream, then raging river, as her eyes moved mine down to the little stick in her trembling hands. i remember i thought it odd that her face was so sad […]

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so happy

on the day you came out, you cried a little bit at first, but not so much. then you lay down on your mother’s chest. and she cried because she was happy. she was so happy. but i was already crying. because i got to see your face before anyone else did. and it made […]

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they lied when they told me that the love i would feel for you would be inexplicable. it is explicable. it is obvious. you see: i do not feel love for you. you simply ARE Love. Capital “L”-o-v-e. Love. i love your mother. love her dearly, in fact. love her more than anyone else on […]

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so sad

“i wasn’t sad,” she’d later state plainly, as if that should have been obvious. “i was in shock.” i believed her completely, yet i also knew that in some small way she was lying. i knew because though i was also shocked, i was also a little sad. it wasn’t part of our plan. we […]

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lose myself

a gift, then, that has made me a prisoner. but a prisoner who revels in his bondage. a prisoner who kisses his chains and thanks the universe through tears of joy that somehow, without understanding how, they came to be on his wrists. and who through doublesight, sees his chains as freedom. as transcendence. who […]

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a gift i would lie for. steal for. kill for. die for. a gift i would lose myself for so that it might not. Follow the links by Zack Teitel on his journey of becoming a parent. The original post can be found at living arrow. Zack can be found on Twitter @ZackTeitel

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living arrow

“the only way to describe it, man, is to honestly say that it is both the single greatest and single worst thing that has ever happened to me.” – my cousin

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So many characteristics that precede our development as individuals to become future fathers is where it all begins. What is in a fathers background that he brings to raising a child? A very important question.

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Taking Care

If you were to get into my father’s car, unlike so many vehicles, you wouldn’t find spare change in the ash tray or any of the little cubbies so common in cars. My dad had this little change purse that you would squeeze to open and put your pennies, nickels, etc. in it. I still remember it; it was green plastic and branded from the Credit Union “Not for profit, not for charity, but for service”.

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