Our Dad Shoes

Hello folx,

Welcome to the Our Dad Shoes Project.

In November 2015 my father died of complications due to Multiple Myeloma. Throughout the process of examining my grief and growth thereafter I have had many moments that both remind me of him and make me wonder what he would think about the father I have become.

On any given day Pete pops up in Twitter posts, the poems and stories I write, the creativity that my daughter gives me, the humour that my son shares, and of course in the conversations with my mom and sister. And though I can’t sit down for a burger with him, it does seem like he is still keeping tabs on me.

I have wanted to create and contribute to a collaborative space for the bits and pieces of dad randomness that pop up in life since I first found out I was going to be a dad. The Our Dad Shoes project is a place to celebrate dads, the process of becoming a dad, and all of the stories that surround being a dad.

My intent with this project is to build a sharing community of storytellers, lesson lenders, gatherers, and givers of life lessons and observations on fatherhood.

My hope is that this project will give you sense of connection, inform you a little bit, and that you will share your stories as well.

My plan is to share our stories here on this site.

Many folx deserve my gratitude for helping me navigate a way through the big and little stages of my life. Deep thanks and love goes to my crew of dads who have inspired me, supported my growth, and surrounded me with mentorship, compassion and kindness. Jon Fogleman, Bill Fitches, Spiro Bozikis, Rolland Chidiac, and Damien George – y’all are awesome.

Be well, Cluff.

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