they lied when they told me that the love i would feel for you would be inexplicable.

it is explicable. it is obvious.

you see: i do not feel love for you.

you simply ARE Love.

Capital “L”-o-v-e. Love.

i love your mother. love her dearly, in fact. love her more than anyone else on this spinning clump of dirt and water.

but you ARE Love.

there is no world where I don’t love you. there is no universe. there is no reality. it is not possible.

it is quite clear to me, now, that I didn’t truly know the thing until you arrived.

and for this I kiss your feet. and for this I watch you sleep and I cry.

and for this, when i am asked, I will also lie. because when i am asked, i will try to explain all this and i will fail.

and the lie will be made truth. and i will kiss your feet. and i will watch you sleep. and i will know Love.

and i will cry

and add a little more water to the clump.

Follow the links by Zack Teitel on his journey of becoming a parent.

The original post can be found at living arrow.

Zack can be found on Twitter @ZackTeitel

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