You’ll Earn / Learn Someday

For me, being authentic meant doing exactly what you wanted, when you wanted- reality be damned. Being authentic also meant being singular in belief and confident despite counterpoint. I was bold. He was calm. When he answered it was measured and clear. As he continued to stare out the window he said. ‘Even though I don’t love banking, I have found the art in it.’

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Teach Like a Dad

Dads will always tell you what you need to improve even when you don’t want to hear it, not just what you did well. We’re not going to gush to your face, but we will tell every other person on the planet. Take it from me, word of a job well done will get back to you.

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Work Boots

We’d roll through town with the windows down – because who had air conditioning in those days? I’d marvel as folks waved at him all down the main drag of our tiny town, his right hand on the steering wheel, left hand in a perpetual wave.

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Our Dad Shoes

Hello folx, Welcome to the Our Dad Shoes Project. In November 2015 my father died of complications due to Multiple Myeloma. Throughout my process of grief and growth, I have had many moments that made me wonder what he would think about the father I have become. On any given day Pete pops up in […]

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